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If you've ever been to a festival at a Lebanese church and indulged until you had to unbutton your pants or eaten too much kibbeh at a Syrian family reunion, you know what it's like to eat at Daily Bread. Since 1975, the Mazzawi family has been bringing Middle Eastern cooking to this cafeteria-style restaurant at the edge of Coconut Grove.

— Miami New Times


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Long before Coconut Grove looked north toward Brickell's skyline while also grumbling about its own concrete-and-glass spires, the Mazzawi family began offering the neighborhood a delightful array of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fare as well as a place to purchase all sorts of sundries from the part of the world that stretches from the Greek Islands past the Arabian Peninsula.

Restaurant Review: The Original Daily Bread Market

restaurant review: the original daily bread market on the miami hurricane

Traveling to the Middle East can be complicated these days, but a stop at the Original Daily Bread Market on the corner of US-1 and 24th Avenue will satisfy a craving for the exotic with a perfectly harmonious tour of the other side of the world's cuisine.

— By Juliana Accioly

Where to Find Miami's Top Middle Eastern Food

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The intersection of Africa, Asia, and Europe makes the Middle East one of the most culturally intriguing regions in the world. The food is no different: rich and diverse, every dish a potent blend of spices, mixed textures, and aromatic herbs.

— By Juliana Accioly